At CAV Insurance, our mission is not to sell you insurance, but to assess your exposure to risk and to recommend the best options to protect your future and reduce your potential for loss.


Whether addressing business or personal needs, we work one-to-one as partners with our clients. Our goal is to understand your individual circumstances and design a tailored approach centered on your specific requirements.

Our industry relationships ensure we have the resources needed to provide our clients with the most competitive prices, advanced technology and most appropriate programs available. While most agencies maintain relationships with a handful of insurers, as a member of the prestigious Renaissance Alliance, we have the power and clout to access dozens of premier insurance companies.

Our ability to facilitate the handling and payment of a loss promptly makes CAV the right  agency to protect your financial future. Our motivated team of experienced  independent insurance agents are dedicated to providing superlative service. Our goal is to consistently provide you with the service and value that will earn your trust and foster an ongoing, long-term relationship.

Our company values extend beyond our clients to encompass our community. We recognize the importance of being a fair employer, a good neighbor and a responsible community citizen. We’re also committed to fostering the best environmental practices in our business.