Why Your Business Needs Employer Practices Liability Insurance

What is EPLI and Does My Business Need It? Are you wondering if your business needs Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)? The real questions to ask yourself are: Do I have employees? Will I be hiring employees? If so, then the answer is unequivocally yes! In this litigious society, you should be aware that your […]

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How to Inventory Your Belongings for Insurance Purposes

Record Your Home Belongings for Your Insurance Policy   Keeping track of your home belongings may seem like an overwhelming task but it’s much better to be safe than sorry. The whole reason you have homeowners insurance in Wellesley, MA is to protect your belongings and property from damage and loss. If the worst does […]

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driving on fall roads
Top 5 New England Scenic Drives

Don’t Miss These Unforgettable Scenic Drives in Fall For many collector car enthusiasts, the Fall is the best time to get out and drive. In New England we are lucky as the cooler temperature also bring out the fall foliage. Whether you have a new, used, or classic car, there is nothing better than a fall scenic […]

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palm trees in a hurricane
7 Steps to Help You Prepare for Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season Preparedness Hurricane season is upon us and these tropical cyclones destroy everything their path. New England is no stranger these threatening storms, and it’s important to be prepared for the unpredictable damage that may end up impacting your community. Hurricanes result in powerful winds, heavy rainfall as well as coastal and inland flooding. […]

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How to Better Protect Your Personal Information

When was the last time you sat in a coffee shop or airport and used the free Wi-Fi? We all do, but did you know that by doing this you could be compromising your personal information? Here are a few recommendations from the University of Michigan on how you can better protect your personal information: […]

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truck on freeway Tips for Selecting Safe Drivers for Your Business
Selecting Safe Drivers for Your Business

Tips for Finding Safe Drivers for Your Commercial Vehicles Whether you’re a restaurant in search of delivery drivers, a trucking firm looking to expand your fleet, or a start-up who is always on the move, it’s critical to find and hire safe drivers for your commercial vehicles. Hiring safe, qualified drivers can reduce the risks […]

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a digital dashboard in car
High-Tech Cars: What’s New in Car Safety Features

Car Safety Features and Technology in Modern Cars There’s no doubt about it, technology is changing the way we work, communicate, and drive. That’s right, technology has truly made its way into our everyday vehicles, making for a smoother and safer ride. We’re still a few years away from autonomous vehicles being the majority on […]

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dark storm cloudsDeveloping a Storm Preparedness Plan for Your Boat
Developing a Storm Preparedness Plan for Your Boat

Prepare Your Boat to Weather a Storm The summer season offers the perfect opportunity to get out on the water and enjoy your boat. Experienced mariners know how unpredictable the weather can be out on the water. Stormy weather is known not to give much warning; sometimes less than 24 hours is all it takes […]

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How Much Excess Liability Do You Need?

Determining How Much Umbrella Insurance You Should Have Accidents happen. Although it’s never pleasant to face a disaster, you may have your insurance policies there to pick up the pieces. But what happens when the damage exceeds your insurance coverage? You could be left paying the rest, which can take a serious toll on your […]

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Builder’s Risk Insurance During Home Renovation

Home Remodeling and Insurance Coverage  When you’re planning to renovate your property, insurance may be the last thing on your mind. However, you may face exposures not typically covered under a standard homeowners insurance policy when making changes to your property. If a loss occurs during the project, you could be left having to face […]

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