How to Make Your Home Earth Friendly
How to Make Your Home Earth Friendly

Eco-Friendly Tips for the Home  Today, doing your part to protect the environment is more than simply being a recycling enthusiast. It extends beyond that. While separating plastic, glass, and other recyclable materials is a practice you should always continue to pursue, there are further steps you can take to live ‘green.’ Simple eco-friendly practices […]

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Most Expensive Cars Sold at Amelia Island Auctions
Most Expensive Cars Sold at Amelia Island Auctions

Vintage Car Price Tags  Classic cars, vintage cars, collector cars – we love them all. Amelia Island car weekend in Florida is held in high regard among vintage car connoisseurs. Read on to check out a few of the most expensive cars sold during the 2018 auctions! 1931 Marmon Sixteen $1,050,000 This impressive vehicle reigned […]

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Steps to Take After a Car Crash

How to Handle the Aftermath of an Auto Accident It’s not a nice thought, but car accidents happen and it’s important to know what to do if you’re involved in one. If you take the right steps immediately after a crash, you can stop a bad situation from getting worse and ensure your insurance in […]

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Do You Need Insurance for Household Employees?
Do You Need Insurance for Household Employees?

What You Should Know When Employing Household Workers When you have a housekeeper, a gardener or a nanny assisting you within your home, you should be aware that you are considered a ‘household’ or ‘domestic’ employer. For this reason, it’s important that you understand your liability. For example, your nanny drives your kids to school, […]

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Is Your Valuable Art Insured Correctly?
Is Your Valuable Art Insured Correctly?

Insurance Coverage for Items of High Value Even if you do not think of yourself as a collector, a few pieces of fine art, antique furniture, or valuable objects around the home warrant special financial protection. After all, accidents happen. Should something happen to your precious pieces, you want the peace of mind that insurance […]

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Habits You Didn’t Realize Were Fire Hazards

Review these fire hazards to protect your home. There are many well-known potential fire hazards in the home from candles, the stove, and hairdryer. However, there might be more risks in your home and daily routine than you previously thought. Here are some surprising everyday appliances and habits that could your home at risk of […]

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Small Business Cybersecurity: 3 Risks to Watch

What small businesses should know about cybersecurity. Why would anyone want to steal your company’s data? Believe it or not, but every small business has or is connected to data that is worth stealing. You may have heard horror stories at giant companies being taken down by hackers and crackers, but it’s not just the […]

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Tips to Help Prevent Employee Theft

Know how to protect your business from thieving employees. All business owners want to think that their employees are honest and loyal. They want to believe that their employees would never steal from them. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for many. The employee may not show it, but a disgruntled team member can quickly turn […]

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What Insurance Start Ups Should Have?

Small Business Insurance Must-Haves When starting a new business, it’s only natural for people to focus on the positives. They think about how good their idea is, how much money they’ll make, and how their business is going to grow into success. They may not think about what they’re going to do if things don’t […]

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Driving Habits to Avoid This Winter

Safe Driving for Winter Roads Winter weather can be tough for drivers. Slippery road conditions, poor visibility, and the cooler temperatures can be harder to drive in and put more strain on our vehicles. However, bad driving habits on poor road conditions in winter becomes especially dangerous. To ensure that you have a smooth journey […]

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