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27 Dec 2018
What Collectors Should Know About Classic Car Insurance

What Collectors Should Know About Classic Car Insurance

Protecting Your Classic Vehicle


Are you the proud owner of a classic car? Maybe you’ve been thinking about purchasing one before the warm weather months hit Massachusetts? Whatever the case, there are some things you should know about insuring your classic car. Auto insurance in Wellesley, MA can be tailored specifically for your classic car, meaning that you get custom protection for your one-of-a-kind ride. To help, we’ve noted a few things that collectors should know about classic car coverage below.


  • Coverage is not expensive.

It’s a common misconception that simply protecting your vehicle will cost you a fortune because the vehicle is a collectible. Believe it or not, but insuring your classic car doesn’t need to cost the earth. Most insured pay less for their classic automobile in comparison with the car they drive on a regular basis.


  • Limited use of the vehicle is expected.

Most car collectors take great care of their vehicles and don’t like to drive them just to run to the supermarket. Insurers expect classic cars to be driven less frequently than your commuter car, and coverage is priced accordingly. Typically, collectible car policies have mileage tiers starting at 2,500 per year, and higher tiers can be purchased.


  • Coverage should be expressed as an agreed value.

If you are looking for higher value coverage, you will need to have the vehicle independently appraised. Unlike regular cars that lose value the minute they are driven off the dealership lot, collectible cars can appreciate in value over time.


  • Interested in racing? Talk to your insurer first.

Generally, classic car insurance will not cover your vehicle in a race. Until you’ve confirmed you’re protected, no racing!


  • Claims happen most frequently on your property.

Classic cars of often cooped up in the garage more often than they are cruising the open road. Damage to classic cars tends to happen on the owner’s property rather than the road, making the nature of most claims very different from a typical Massachusetts auto insurance policy.


At CAV Insurance Agency, protecting your classic car comes naturally. We have access to specialty companies such as Hagerty, Grundy, and AIG, these carriers these carriers offer policies designed specifically for your collector car they take into consideration the limited seasons we have up here to drive these cars. At CAV Insurance we serve motorists from Dover & Sherborn to Wellesley, Needham and Weston and neighboring towns. Contact us today and let us put our decades of collector car insurance expertise to work for you!

20 Sep 2018
How Insurance Can Help Maintain Your Classic Car

How Insurance Can Help Maintain Your Classic Car

Tailor Classic Car Insurance Coverage to Your Maintenance Needs


Running a classic car can be a rollercoaster of emotions. On the one hand, you can take a trip down memory lane and experience the golden age of motoring. On the other, you may find your classic car to become a labor of love – or at worst, a financial nightmare. When your classic vehicle needs repairs and maintenance, you may find that even if the price of the vehicle hasn’t gone up, the cost of repair has gone through the roof. There’s no doubt that classic cars are high maintenance, but how can your classic car insurance in Wellesley, MA help?


Classic car repair costs are on the rise. In addition to a higher standard of care, the number of specialist mechanics is dwindling. There are fewer people with the skills to actually repair these unique cars, and not just replace parts. Those people are hard to find, and may charge accordingly for their specialized services. The good news is that your classic car insurance coverage can help. Your policy should contain wording that would allow for specialized parts to be ordered or a specialized mechanic to be used if it is involved in a collision and is damaged. This is because the labor rate to repair a collector car is substantially higher than it would be for an everyday mass-market car.


Typically, a good classic car policy will also allow the collector to repair the vehicle whenever they want. Whether the car owner wants to take his/her vehicle to the most qualified shop in the country or a shop that specializes in that type of vehicle, the policy should be able to agree to the owner’s preference. More often than not, a client will want to take it back to the person who did the work originally, but if they don’t know, the insurer will be able to advise on recommended repair shops.


Are you an avid classic car fan? Then visit the home to America’s oldest car collection? The Larz Anderson Auto Museum features old and collectible cars that span the centuries. The museum also offers enjoyable and informative tours, with varied and detailed discussions on the automobile and its impact on today’s society. Here, you’ll be able to learn about vehicles, see them in the flesh, and get to know other collector car fans. Check out upcoming events here!


Safeguarding your classic car comes naturally to the experts at CAV Insurance Agency, and with access to specialty companies such as Hagerty, Grundy and AIG, we will be able to provide you and your collector car the policy it needs. We serve motorists from Arlington to Natick, Concord to Cambridge, and neighboring towns. Contact us today and let us put our decades of classic car insurance expertise to work for you!

10 May 2018
Tips for Getting Your Classic Back on the Spring Roads

Tips for Getting Your Classic Back on the Spring Roads

Preparing Your Classic Car for Warm-Weather Cruising


One of the best things about spring is that it’s time to get your classic car back on the road. You might also be planning this summer’s classic car shows, juggling work and family commitments, and hoping to spend a weekend cruising Summer roads in your vehicle. In either case, you’ll probably also be thinking of dragging your classic car out of hibernation and into the summer sun to make sure that nothing has broken, rusted, or otherwise deteriorated. Along with tuning up the car and getting it ready for the summer sun, you’ll also want to review your collector car insurance policy.


To help prepare your vehicle, check out these classic car tips.


  • For starters, if the car has been on a trickle charger all winter, now is the time to disconnect the charger and reconnect the battery. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to just charge the battery for a few days.


  • Check the coolant, oil, transmission fluid or oil and brake fluids to make sure the levels are where they should be. You may find that you need to top up several if not all of the fluids before starting her up.


  • Now is also a good time to check the condition of the belts and hoses.


  • Get the tire gauge out and make sure that all four (and the spare) have correct air pressure readings. Top up the pressure, if needed. While you’re at it, inspect the tires and make sure they are not balding, wearing out, or have any cracks in them.


  • If you can roll the car outside before starting it. If the car has an electric fuel pump, turn the key one notch and let it click away. Not only does this prime the fuel system but it also gives you a chance to look for fuel leaks.


  • Give the car a decent Be sure to use proper car shampoo instead of dish soap as this contains salt, which is not something you want your classic car to be covered it. Make it sparkle from the inside out, taking care to inspect the condition of the vehicle and note any signs of damage.


  • Now that it’s spick and span both inside and out, it’s time to take your prized possession out for its first public appearance of the year. Let the car warm up and go on a short ride to see if the car is running smoothly and be cautious of any odd sounds. If it’s running rough, it’s best to deal with it as soon as possible.


  • Review insurance. Just like any other vehicle, you’ll need to secure auto insurance. Fortunately, the team at CAV Insurance Agency know just how precious your classic car is to you, so we provide adequate coverage that you can rely on.


Whether you are taking the classic on Route #16 thru Sherborn or the back roads of Dover, or heading to Marblehead on Route #128 your vehicle will need adequate protection. Find out how CAV Insurance can help you secure a reliable collector car insurance policy to suit your vehicle and financial needs. For coverage in Wellesley and neighboring cities in Massachusetts, contact us today.

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