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30 May 2019

That 80s and 90s Autos: Never Gonna Give You Up

The 80s and 90s Vehicles Are Back!


They say that history repeats itself. It’s true that the ‘80s has not, and seemingly will not, go away. Cars from the 1980s and ‘90s are catching on in the collector market, providing more coverage opportunities and competition in auto insurance than ever before. The market is undergoing rapid change because Generation X and Millennials have become the largest group of people interested in acquiring collector vehicles. Today, the ‘80s and ‘90s cars are some of the most sought-after cars on the market.


One of the biggest stories in the collecting world last year was the consignment of 140 cars from the 1980s and ‘90s. The collection, dubbed “The Youngtimer Dream Garage,” includes so many sweet cars that RM Sotheby’s broke it up into four sales—Paris in February, Amelia Island, and Fort Lauderdale in March, and Essen in April. Can you provice a link to this?


More and more insurers have noted that consumers are asking for quotes for classic vehicles from the ‘80s and ‘90s. Take a look at just a few that continue to crop up.



  • Chevrolet Corvette
  • Ford Mustang
  • Chevrolet Camaro
  • Chevrolet C10 series
  • Chevrolet Monte Carlo
  • Pontiac Firebird
  • Mercedes-Benz 560SL



  • Ford Mustang
  • Chevrolet Corvette
  • Chevrolet Camaro
  • Chevrolet C1500 series
  • Mazda Miata
  • Porsche 911
  • Ford F-150


As the weather warms, we can expect to see more of these vehicles taking to the streets as collectors bring them out of winter hibernation. Are you eager to see these vehicles in the flesh? Don’t miss the Larz Anderson Auto Museum car events!


What’s more, if you’re an owner of one of these valuable vehicles, it’s important that you insure it to its unique value. When you’re looking to protect your collector vehicle, the team at CAV Insurance Agency can help. We serve motorists in Brookline, Weston and other neighboring towns. Contact us today and let us put our decades of classic car insurance expertise to work for you!


16 May 2019
Are Your Vintage Toys Valuable? vintage comic books stacked

Are Your Vintage Toys Valuable?

How to Determine If Your Vintage Toys are Worth Insuring 

When you were younger, you may have collected everything from Hot Wheels, Pez dispensers, comic books, and action figures. Chances are that when you “grew out” of your toys, they made their way to the garage sale or thrift store. After all, there was always something newer and better coming out. However, if you or your parents kept any of your old toys, dolls, and playsets, you may be in luck. Some of the old toys that are now considered vintage might be worth more than you think. Here’s how you can tell an old toy from a collectible worth insuring.


  • Rarity

Generally speaking, vintage toys that were made in small quantities often bring a higher value than those which were mass produced. That means that if you own one of the 2,000 royal blue beanie baby elephants, you might have something valuable on your hands (worth around $5,000).


  • The older the better

Just because you have a toy from a few decades ago doesn’t mean that it is instantly valuable. An antique toy worth insuring shouldn’t be something that can be made today. To date an antique toy, check the patent, maker’s mark, or country of origin mark on the toy.


  • Condition counts

In the world of antiques, mint condition is ideal. This means that the toy is still in its original box with the instructions and has never been opened. Mint condition toys are worth much more than those that have been used, played with, and show wear and tear.


  • Expert restoration

If something in your collection needs to be restored, be sure that an expert does it. Someone who understands the product, material, and value of the piece is more likely to do a better job at restoration. Normal wear and tear is generally acceptable, but keeping your collection in working and aesthetically-pleasing condition is critical to retain the value.


  • The value may be in the eyes of the beholder

Some people value vintage toys for their monetary worth, some for their charm, and some for their nostalgia. That said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not every toy you cherish will be of value to others. Your best option is to collect what you enjoy, whether or not it holds monetary value.


With a valuable collection comes the need to secure reliable insurance. A reliable policy can protect your high-value collection as it grows, giving you the peace of mind that you have a financial safeguard in place should the worst happen. To get started on your tailored coverage, contact the team at CAV Insurance Agency. We serve collectors in Dover, Needham, Brookline and surrounding cities in Massachusetts. Give us a call on  781-237-4107 to get started!

11 Apr 2019

RM Sotheby’s Amelia Island 2019 Auction Results

Results from RM Sotheby’s Amelia Island


On Friday, March 8th, the RM Sotheby’s Amelia Island 2019 was held on the grounds of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Amelia Island, Florida. This year, the sale features more than 140 automobiles and totaled 84 percent sell-through rate. Take a look at some of the auction results that stunned the audience.


Lots from the single-owner Youngtimer Collection opened the sale, with the first lot consisting of a 1993 Mazda RX-7 bring an above-estimate of $50,400, setting a record for the model at auction. Within the Collection, a 1996 Nissan 300 ZX Twin Turbo sold for $53,200, a 1989 Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC AMG 6.0 ‘Wide-Body’ reached $179,200, and a 1994 BMW 850 CSi achieved $184,800, all eclipsing or reaching the top end of the high estimate. An original 1994 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo Targa, which had less than 11,200 miles from new, sparked an interest with many buyers in the room. The sale price for this vehicle reached $173,600 and exceeded the current auction record for the stock model, estimated at around $100k to $120k.


Sales continued to climb throughout the day. A Euro-spec 1992 Ferrari F40 achieved $1,017,000 and a 2015 McLaren P1 sold for a solid $1,490,000. The 2010 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 ‘Sang Noir’ was sold for $1,500,000.


The sale session was led by the top sale of the entire week, a 1965 Ferrari 275 GBT, which sold for a final price of $2,205,000. The award-winning 275 GBT retains its original, matching-numbers engine.


RM Sotheby’s Amelia Island 2019 – Top Ten Auction Results

  1. 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB – $2,205,000
  2. 1967 Shelby Cobra 427 – $1,792,500
  3. 1930 Duesenberg Model J LeBaron Dual Cowl Phaeton – $1,650,000
  4. 2010 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Sang Noir – $1,500,000
  5. 2015 McLaren P1 – $1,490,000
  6. 1926 Hispano-Suiza H6B Cabriolet Le Dandy – $1,352,500
  7. 1934 Packard Twelve Individual Custom Convertible Sedan – $1,325,000
  8. 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder – $1,187,500
  9. 1992 Ferrari F40 – $1,017,000
  10. 2017 Ferrari F12 tdf – $967,500


For complete results, please visit RM Sotheby’s.


When you’re looking to protect your collector vehicle, the team at CAV Insurance Agency can help. We serve motorists in Brookline, Weston and other neighboring towns. Contact us today and let us put our decades of classic car insurance expertise to work for you!


14 Mar 2019

Car Season is Almost Here! Larz Anderson Auto Museum In Brookline has announced this years event schedule!

For car fanatics, the arrival of spring means it’s almost time for events and shows. Spring brings the opportunity to gather together, view some of Metro West’s best cars, and enjoy car chat while sipping on quality(Remove)coffee. No one puts on a car show quite like they do at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum. Offering events that you don’t want to miss this car season!


Lawn Events

Lawn events at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum are a must for any collector car enthusiast. These events draw in cars from all around New England – whether your car is 1962 Jaguar E-Type or a 2018 Ford GT there is a show for you.Fans gather to view some of the best cars in the area and get to enjoy an up-close view of each vehicle, and chat with fellow enthusiasts.


Upcoming events include:


  • Cadillac Day

Sponsored by New England Cadillac and LaSalle Club

Sunday, May 19, 2019

10am – 3pm | Car Registration $10


  • Member Car Day

Museum Sponsored Show

Sunday, June 2, 2019

9am – 1pm | Car Registration $10


  • Corvette Day

Sponsored by NCRS New England Chapter

Sunday, June 9, 2019

10am – 3pm | Car Registration $20


  • German Car Day

Museum Sponsored Show

Sunday, June 16, 2019

10am – 2pm | Car Registration $20


  • British Car Day

Museum Sponsored Show

Sunday, June 23, 2019


  • Miata Day

Sponsored by Mass Miata Club

Sunday, June 30, 2019

10am- 2pm | Car Registration $20

For more information about upcoming events and registration, visit Larz Anderson Lawn Events.


Cars & Coffee

Cars and Coffee is a great event for all car enthusiasts to meet up and talk cars. The event is free for all and continues to be a much-loved tradition for local car fans.

Upcoming events:


  • May 11, 2019


  • June 22, 2019


  • July 13, 2019


  • August 24, 2019


For more information about upcoming events, visit Larz Anderson Cars & Coffee.


Will you be going to any of Larz Anderson’s events? Let us know! When you’re looking to protect your collector vehicle, the team at CAV Insurance Agency can help. We serve motorists in Brookline, Weston and other neighbouring towns. Contact ustoday and let us put our decades of classic car insuranceexpertise to work for you!

31 Jan 2019
Tips to Help Employees and Visitors Stay Safe in Parking Lots

Tips to Help Employees and Visitors Stay Safe in Parking Lots

Keep Parking Lots Safe for All

Employees, guests, visitors, vendors, yourself, and others – the parking lot is an appreciated convenience for all. While you may not pay much mind to this space, disasters can happen that leave you responsible. Slippery conditions, uneven surfaces, and poor lighting can make parking lots dangerous and hazardous. A well-maintained and well-lit parking area can help to keep your employees and visitors comfortable and safe.

Slips, trips, and falls can result in serious injuries to visitors. This seemingly minor risk has the potential for lawsuits. It’s important to know the particular risks of your area and take appropriate precautions to safeguard individuals. Take a look at these tips on how to keep employees and visitors safe in your parking lot.

  • Ensure there are no tripping hazards. Make sure walkways and other paths are clear of holes, poles, rocks, and debris that someone could trip over. Curbs and sidewalk joints should be even, and level changes should be visually identified, such as marking with yellow safety paint.
  • Install adequate lighting. During non-routine work hours such as early mornings or late evenings, your parking lot should be lit well so that people can clearly see vehicles and paths. Exterior lighting is important year-round, and should be adequate for nighttime use.
  • Maintain handrails. Handrails or guardrails should be installed at level changes and for the stairs and ramps. Make sure they are stable and at the appropriate height.
  • Establish clear signage. All entrances, exits, pedestrian crossings, and parking areas should be signposted clearly. Landscaping and signs should not block driver visibility.
  • Maintain proper drainage. Standing water can be an issue for pedestrians as well as vehicles. If your business’s parking lot has standing water, there is a potential for ice during the winter, which can open you up to more risks. Make sure that drains are away from pedestrian areas and are well maintained.
  • Establish a snow maintenance program. Make sure that you have a reliable contract with a local snow removal company to make sure the parking lots and sidewalks are free of snow and ice.

Make it easy for employees and visitors to report conditions in the parking lot, whether they feel unsafe or in danger. Management should receive these comments well and take action to correct an issue promptly. Doing so can help keep your business running smoothly.

A small investment parking lot safety for your business can help to avoid disasters. To find out if your business insurance is ready for the worst, call CAV Insurance Agency on 781-237-4107. We serve business owners in the Metro West areas such as Natick, Wellesley, Dover, Sherborn, and Weston.

27 Dec 2018
What Collectors Should Know About Classic Car Insurance

What Collectors Should Know About Classic Car Insurance

Protecting Your Classic Vehicle


Are you the proud owner of a classic car? Maybe you’ve been thinking about purchasing one before the warm weather months hit Massachusetts? Whatever the case, there are some things you should know about insuring your classic car. Auto insurance in Wellesley, MA can be tailored specifically for your classic car, meaning that you get custom protection for your one-of-a-kind ride. To help, we’ve noted a few things that collectors should know about classic car coverage below.


  • Coverage is not expensive.

It’s a common misconception that simply protecting your vehicle will cost you a fortune because the vehicle is a collectible. Believe it or not, but insuring your classic car doesn’t need to cost the earth. Most insured pay less for their classic automobile in comparison with the car they drive on a regular basis.


  • Limited use of the vehicle is expected.

Most car collectors take great care of their vehicles and don’t like to drive them just to run to the supermarket. Insurers expect classic cars to be driven less frequently than your commuter car, and coverage is priced accordingly. Typically, collectible car policies have mileage tiers starting at 2,500 per year, and higher tiers can be purchased.


  • Coverage should be expressed as an agreed value.

If you are looking for higher value coverage, you will need to have the vehicle independently appraised. Unlike regular cars that lose value the minute they are driven off the dealership lot, collectible cars can appreciate in value over time.


  • Interested in racing? Talk to your insurer first.

Generally, classic car insurance will not cover your vehicle in a race. Until you’ve confirmed you’re protected, no racing!


  • Claims happen most frequently on your property.

Classic cars of often cooped up in the garage more often than they are cruising the open road. Damage to classic cars tends to happen on the owner’s property rather than the road, making the nature of most claims very different from a typical Massachusetts auto insurance policy.


At CAV Insurance Agency, protecting your classic car comes naturally. We have access to specialty companies such as Hagerty, Grundy, and AIG, these carriers these carriers offer policies designed specifically for your collector car they take into consideration the limited seasons we have up here to drive these cars. At CAV Insurance we serve motorists from Dover & Sherborn to Wellesley, Needham and Weston and neighboring towns. Contact us today and let us put our decades of collector car insurance expertise to work for you!

20 Dec 2018
Does Your Car Need to Clear of Ice and Snow Before Driving in MA?

Does Your Car Need to Clear of Ice and Snow Before Driving in MA?

Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter Roads


It’s that time of year again. Although it’s one of the merriest seasons, snow and ice can cause havoc on the roads for motorists in MA. To help you keep yourself and your vehicle safe, make sure you understand what is required of you as a driver in winter.


According to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles Driver’s Manual, Massachusetts drivers should “remove ice and snow from your vehicle before driving. Clear all windows, windshield, wipers, headlights, and brake lights. Clear the roof so ice and snow does not blow into vehicles behind you.” Not only does this help you to see what’s around you, but it helps to keep the roads and other motorists safe.


Although there is no official law in Massachusetts stating that you’re legally obliged to remove the snow from your vehicle before driving, it does make sense. However, just because it is not a state law doesn’t mean that the state and local police can’t hand out tickets and/or fines. If the police believe that your vehicle is a threat to other motorists or pedestrians, the general driving laws could mean that you end up with a fine or ticket.


The Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, the Massachusetts State Police, and local police departments are legally able to prohibit vehicles from using the roadway if debris (which can include snow, ice, and frost) could fall from the vehicle and endanger individuals and/or property. For your own safety – and wallet – all of the ice and snow should be removed from your vehicle before driving.


For updates on road and traffic conditions around Massachusetts, drivers can dial 511 to hear real-time conditions, visit Mass 511 online, or download MassDOT’s GoTime mobile app!


Now is a great time to review your auto insurance to ensure you have plenty of coverage on the roads. Winter driving conditions mean that accidents and breakdowns occur more frequently. It’s wise to maintain reliable auto insurance protection.


To get started on your tailored policy, contact the team at CAV Insurance Agency in Wellesley. We serve motorists from Arlington to Natick, Concord to Cambridge, and neighboring towns. Contact us today and let us put our decades of auto insurance expertise to work for you!

13 Dec 2018
Driving Tips for the Winter Months

15 Driving Tips for the Winter Months in Wellesley

Tips for Safer Driving in the Snow


Like it or not, it’s just going to get colder from here. We know that many of our customers are seasoned Bay Staters who have driven in the cold and snow year after year. However, it’s never a bad idea to brush up on your safety. Whether you’re located in Wellesley, Sherborn, Belmont, or Boston, we’ve got just the winter driving tips that can help you stay safe on the roads.


  1. Never warm up your car or leave it running in an enclosed space, such as a closed garage.
  2. Make sure your gas tank is always more than halfway full in case of an emergency.
  3. Ensure your tires are properly inflated.
  4. Never use boiling water to de-ice your windshield. The rapid change in temperature can cause the glass to crack.
  5. Take your time to clear snow and ice from all windows and lights.
  6. Tune into local traffic reports to stay up to date with current road conditions.
  7. Increase your following distance, especially when the roads are slick with rain, ice, or snow.
  8. Avoid using cruise control when driving on a slick surface.
  9. Use your brakes early and gently when you need to come to a complete stop.
  10. Don’t pump anti-lock brakes. Instead, ‘stomp and steer’ if you need to make an emergency stop.
  11. If the conditions get worse, don’t drive unless absolutely necessary.
  12. Make sure your car’s emergency kit is fully stocked at all times.
  13. Take your time! Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination so that you aren’t tempted to speed. If you are driving in the snow, remember that everything takes longer – accelerating, braking, and turning.
  14. Trucks are heavier than cars. They will take longer to safely respond and come to a complete stop, so avoid quickly cutting in front of them.
  15. Review your auto insurance to ensure you have adequate coverage.


Driving can be unpredictable in snowy, wintery conditions. Take proper precautions before you hit the road as well as when you’re on the road to keep yourself and those around you safe.


These tips will help you to stay safe on the roads this winter. If you find yourself in a bad situation or would like to speak with a Massachusetts insurance expert from CAV Insurance Agency, call us on 781-237-4107. Remember that it only takes a few minutes to get an auto insurance quote from your local insurance agency. For more winter and driving tips, stay tuned to our blog!

15 Nov 2018
Winter Maintenance Tips for Landlords in MA

Winter Maintenance Tips for Landlords in MA

MA Landlords, Get Your Rental Properties Ready for Winter 

Massachusetts winters are never quite complete without cold, harsh weather and snow. Since winter is right around the corner, it’s wise for property owners to get their buildings up to scratch. Just as we pull on heavy sweaters and gloves, properties need a bit of TLC to weather the winter ahead, too. As a landlord in the Boston are here are some essential maintenance tasks.

  • Seal up gaps in windows and doors

Walk around the property and see if you can feel any cool air being let in through gaps in the windows and doors. If you visit the property on a windy day, it may make it easier to detect any air leaks. These gaps can increase heating bills, which is not ideal for any tenant. Fill in gaps with weather-stripping and caulking to prevent cold air leaking into the property. If the caulking is dry and cracking, peel it off and replace it.

  • Service boilers/furnaces

Call out a professional to make sure that the heating system is in good condition for the cold winter ahead. Having access to heat is a basic right of all tenants under landlord-tenant law, so avoid fines by completing the necessary checks and servicing it before the winter temperatures arrive.

  • Check the insulation

Insulation helps to keep a property’s heat inside as well as lowering the utility bills for the tenant. You can have insulation installed in the attics and crawlspaces to help with heat retention. If there are any exposed pipes, wrap insulation around them to prevent them from freezing.

  • Clear out the gutters

Fall may have clogged the gutters with leaves, twigs, dirt, and other debris. Make sure to clean out the property’s gutters so that blockages do not occur. If gutters are clogged, it could prevent melting snow from being able to drain properly. In turn, this can cause roof leaks as the water will seep inside.

  • Inspect trees on the property

Snow, ice, and high winds have the potential to snap off tree branches or cause entire trees to fall. To keep your property – and tenant – safe, it’s a good idea to prune back any trees on the property. Pay attention to the trees that look weak and rotted.

  • “Add something on making sure you snow removal services are in place.”

Landlords, another great way to protect your property is to secure reliable insurance. At CAV Insurance Agency in Wellesley are ready to find the right coverage to suit your needs, property, and budget. We serve landlords in Boston, Brookline, Newton and surrounding cities in Massachusetts. Contact us to get started!


08 Nov 2018
Do I Need Classic Car Insurance When It’s Tucked Away for Winter?

Do I Need Classic Car Insurance When It’s Tucked Away for Winter?

Keeping Your Classic Car Covered Over Winter

Your classic car is already prepped and safely in storage. You’ve completed the essential checks and you’ve tucked it away for the winter. After all, the harsh winter conditions, road salt, snow, and ice are not ideal if you want to keep your classic car in pristine condition. You may be thinking that now it’s away for a couple of months, do you need to keep your collector car insurance active? Here’s what you should know.

You may not drive your classic car until spring rolls around, but the reality is that it’s a good idea to keep vehicles insured regardless of whether they’re currently being driven. It’s tempting to cancel your classic car insurance policy if your vehicle isn’t in use during the winter, but remember that it is still at risk of damage tucked away in the garage.

To save on premiums until you are driving the vehicle, you can consider lowering or temporarily dropping the liability coverage in your policy. However, if you plan on taking your vehicle out for a spin when the road conditions are dry, you will need to keep liability coverage in place. Driving your car now and again can help to avoid brake and clutch seizures, keep the mechanics lubricated, and avoid tire flat-spots. Only idling the car without driving it may actually present corrosion issues as the engine will not reach full operating temperature.

However, you should keep comprehensive coverage in place. In our area the most common comprehensive claim we see in the winter is a tree falling on the car or rodent damage to the car.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. In New England we all know that the weather is unpredictable, and we can get those 60 degree days in Febuary. If there’s any chance you’ll pull your vehicle out of storage for a quick drive through Dover on days like these, then leave coverage as is.

Avid classic car fans don’t have to pause their hobby throughout the winter. Visit the home to America’s oldest car collection! The Larz Anderson Auto Museum features old and collectible cars that span the centuries. The museum also offers enjoyable and informative tours, with varied and detailed discussions on the automobile and its impact on today’s society. Check more information here!

At CAV Insurance Agency, protecting your classic car comes naturally. We have access to specialty companies such as Hagerty, Grundy, and AIG, these carriers these carriers offer policies designed specifically for your collector car they take into consideration the limited seasons we have up here to drive these cars. At CAV Insurance we serve motorists from Dover & Sherborn to Wellesley, Needham and Weston and neighboring towns. Contact us today and let us put our decades of collector car insurance expertise to work for you!


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