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28 Jun 2018
Why Do I Need MA Renters Insurance?

Why Do I Need MA Renters Insurance?

Who Needs Renters Insurance? 

Whether you rent a student apartment outside of Wellesley College or enjoy the luxury homes in Hastings Village, most renters see insurance as something only needed by homeowners. However, home insurance policies do not typically protect renters and their property. For this reason, renters should consider renters insurance. Fires, theft, and other disasters may cause renters significant loss, whether it is their belongings of use of the rented space. If you are a renter, check out why you should get renters insurance in Wellesley, MA.

What Renters Insurance Covers

MA renters insurance is designed to cover your personal belongings plus additional items such as reimbursement for living expenses when you are displaced from your home after a disaster. Most perils include fire, hail, windstorms, theft, and more. It is important to note that renters may need to secure extra coverage for flood and earthquakes since these two disasters are often excluded from coverage. It is important to know the specifics of your policy. Renters insurance can include liability coverage, too, should a guest get injured on your property.

Renters Insurance Rates

Believe it or not but renters insurance is more affordable than you may realize. Discounts are often available if you combine renters insurance with your auto insurance policy. By bundling your policies, not only do you save money, but you get to organize your coverages under one insurer. This makes renewing your policies a snap!

Should something catastrophic happen to your home, such as a fire, the financial burden could be tremendous. Not only would you need to find a new place to live quickly, but you would need to rebuild your life and all of the belongings that were lost. Even if you believe that you don’t have items of value, your belongings and property will add up to a fair price. You don’t want to go without protection. Renters insurance can make a huge difference to your financial wellbeing.

For the protection your rental property needs, secure reliable renters insurance in Wellesley, MA. Contact CAV Insurance Agency for your quality coverage today.

21 Jun 2018
Summer Home Safety Tips for MA Residents

Summer Home Safety Tips for MA Residents

Home Security Tips for Summer  

Summer is just around the corner! With the weather warming up and summer break almost here, it’s time for families and individuals to enjoy the season. As you enjoy the summer months, it’s important to keep home safety in mind as incidents could ruin your summer fun. From locking your doors to securing reliable home insurance in Wellesley, MA, here are a few summer home safety tips for summer.

Prevent Bike Theft

Do the kids like to ride their bikes outdoors during summer? Perhaps you enjoy outdoor sports? It’s easy to leave your bikes and other sports equipment out on the driveway or in the front lawn as you head inside to cool off. However,  it only takes a few seconds for a thief to spot the bikes and walk away with those expensive items. Get into the habit of promptly putting the bikes away in the garage or shed and locking the door before resting.

Secure the Garage

Garages are often left open during the summer months, whether it’s cause you need the ladders and tools for a DIY project or because you forget. Most garages are filled with valuable items such as tools, spare keys, equipment, and more. Even if the thieves don’t enter the garage while it is open, that open door may give them a peek at the valuables inside and make your home a target for a later break-in. Keep your garage closed when possible for your own safety and your security.

Keep Vacations Quiet

Summer wouldn’t be complete without some time away from home. Whether you’re just leaving for a day trip to Boston or you’re venturing overseas for a couple of weeks, it’s best to keep those plans private. Sharing your exciting vacation on social media can make your home an easy target for thieves. While it can seem tempting to post about your break, it’s best to wait until you’re back home before sharing pictures online.

Lock Up

It’s natural to open the windows and doors during summertime to let fresh air into the home. However, if you are in the backyard, it only takes an opportunistic thief to spot that your front door is unlocked and that valuables lurk within easy reach. If you’re going to spending time in one part of the garden or home, ensure that all the doors and windows not in use are locked. Invest in a quality air conditioning system to cool the house instead of relying on open windows. Additionally, before you leave for vacation, ensure all of your windows and doors are locked – you’d be surprised how many homeowners forget that their bathroom window is wide open.

Find Quality Insurance

Homeowners insurance is designed to protect your home and belongings from theft. For the quality coverage you need in Wellesley and beyond in MA, contact the industry professionals at CAV Insurance. We are here to protect your family, finances, and assets.

14 Jun 2018
Texting While Driving in Massachusetts: Stats and Penalties

Texting While Driving in Massachusetts: Stats and Penalties

MA Driving Laws

Since 2010, texting while driving in Massachusetts has been prohibited. However, motorists behind the wheel continue to pick up and use their phones. Even if we think that checking our texts quickly while driving is harmless, the threat of accident and injury is still very real. Whether you’re driving on Route #16 through Sherborn or the back roads of Dover, it’s important not to drive distracted. To help you understand the risk and penalties that texting and driving hold, read on for statistics.


During the year that the law was enacted, we would expect to see the number of tickets issued to be high as people were just getting used to the new law. We would expect to see that the number of tickets issued would decrease over time. However, this is not the case. In September 2010, the law came into effect. The total number of tickets issued for that year was 274. Since then, the numbers have risen steadily, with 1153 issued in 2011, 3399 in 2013 and 6131 in 2015.

Researchers found that men commit the offense more than women. Additionally, white drivers make up 77.4 percent of the tickets issued. Drivers under 30 also represent the majority of citations. Lastly, most tickets were issued between 3 and 6 p.m.


The penalties are steep for texting and driving in MA, and for a good reason, too. Even just a couple of seconds of distracted driving can result in accident and injury. For the first offense of texting while driving, it is a $100 fine. For the second offense, it is $250, and $500 for the third. What’s more, your auto insurance rates can increase at the next renewal period, costing you even more money over the years.

As if the financial penalties weren’t high enough, consider these statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In 2016 alone, 3,450 people were killed. 391,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers in 2015. During daylight hours, approximately 481,000 drivers are using cell phones while driving. That creates enormous potential for deaths and injuries on U.S. roads. Is a text really worth putting your life and others’ at risk?

Work with a company that’s dedicated to securing the quality auto insurance that you and your vehicle need and deserve. Contact the professionals at CAV Insurance, located in Wellesley, MA.

17 May 2018

How to Prepare Your Boat for Spring

Your Boat Spring Cleaning Checklist

If you’re like other Massachusettsian boaters, you’re likely to be thinking about when you get your boat back out onto the water this season. Now that spring is finally here, it’s time to start preparing your vessel for the first spring waters. Before heading off on your first voyage of the season, you’ll want to ensure your boat is properly de-winterized and that you have reliable boat insurance in Wellesley MA in place. Here are some tips to get your boat ready for spring.


Prepare for the Season Ahead

  • Take a boat safety course and obtain your boating certificate if you have not already.
  • Read your owner’s manual and consult the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance guidelines.
  • Familiarize (or re-familiarize) yourself with your boat, from the features to the safety precautions.


Check Before Cruising

Before you leave the dock, check that everything is in order for a smooth and safe start to the boating season.

  • Inspect all of the safety equipment on board, including flares, fire extinguishers, personal floatation devices, first aid kids, and more.
  • Check all lights on your boat are working properly.
  • Open the engine compartment to check for excess water in the bilge.
  • Check for any electrical issues, such as loose, disconnected, and corroded conductors.
  • Ensure the battery is properly secured to the vessel and that it has plenty of charge left.
  • Clean out the fuel filters and make sure no water is present.
  • Fill your tank with high-quality fuel.
  • Change and check the oil level before starting the boat for the first time.
  • If you will be towing your vessel to its launch point, you will also need to properly inspect and maintain your trailer prior to your first outing.


Perhaps you like sailing on Lake Cochituate, or maybe you venture out to Boston Harbor and around Spectacle Island. Whether you dock your boat on the Charles River, in Salem or on the Cape or anywhere in between, CAV Insurance Agency is the name to know for your Massachusetts boat insurance.


When you head out for a day on the water, the last thing on your mind is having a boating accident. However, accidents to happen. Whether it’s a collision, accidental fuel spill or injury, protect yourself, your watercraft, and your assets with quality boat insurance. We understand the specialized insurance needs of Massachusetts boaters, and we are here to give you the peace of mind so you can enjoy smooth sailing! Contact us today and let CAV Insurance Agency put our decades of boat insurance expertise to work for you!

10 May 2018
Tips for Getting Your Classic Back on the Spring Roads

Tips for Getting Your Classic Back on the Spring Roads

Preparing Your Classic Car for Warm-Weather Cruising


One of the best things about spring is that it’s time to get your classic car back on the road. You might also be planning this summer’s classic car shows, juggling work and family commitments, and hoping to spend a weekend cruising Summer roads in your vehicle. In either case, you’ll probably also be thinking of dragging your classic car out of hibernation and into the summer sun to make sure that nothing has broken, rusted, or otherwise deteriorated. Along with tuning up the car and getting it ready for the summer sun, you’ll also want to review your collector car insurance policy.


To help prepare your vehicle, check out these classic car tips.


  • For starters, if the car has been on a trickle charger all winter, now is the time to disconnect the charger and reconnect the battery. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to just charge the battery for a few days.


  • Check the coolant, oil, transmission fluid or oil and brake fluids to make sure the levels are where they should be. You may find that you need to top up several if not all of the fluids before starting her up.


  • Now is also a good time to check the condition of the belts and hoses.


  • Get the tire gauge out and make sure that all four (and the spare) have correct air pressure readings. Top up the pressure, if needed. While you’re at it, inspect the tires and make sure they are not balding, wearing out, or have any cracks in them.


  • If you can roll the car outside before starting it. If the car has an electric fuel pump, turn the key one notch and let it click away. Not only does this prime the fuel system but it also gives you a chance to look for fuel leaks.


  • Give the car a decent Be sure to use proper car shampoo instead of dish soap as this contains salt, which is not something you want your classic car to be covered it. Make it sparkle from the inside out, taking care to inspect the condition of the vehicle and note any signs of damage.


  • Now that it’s spick and span both inside and out, it’s time to take your prized possession out for its first public appearance of the year. Let the car warm up and go on a short ride to see if the car is running smoothly and be cautious of any odd sounds. If it’s running rough, it’s best to deal with it as soon as possible.


  • Review insurance. Just like any other vehicle, you’ll need to secure auto insurance. Fortunately, the team at CAV Insurance Agency know just how precious your classic car is to you, so we provide adequate coverage that you can rely on.


Whether you are taking the classic on Route #16 thru Sherborn or the back roads of Dover, or heading to Marblehead on Route #128 your vehicle will need adequate protection. Find out how CAV Insurance can help you secure a reliable collector car insurance policy to suit your vehicle and financial needs. For coverage in Wellesley and neighboring cities in Massachusetts, contact us today.

03 May 2018
How to Protect Your Home With Water Mitigation Detection Devices

How to Protect Your Home With Water Mitigation Detection Devices

Tips to Avoid Water Damage to Your Home

You may be surprised to learn that water is the most common cause of damage inside a home. From leaky roofs and old appliances to ruptured pipes, there are many potential causes of water damage. Repairing water damage can be a very expensive job. As a homeowner, it is important to take preventative measures to protect your property and family from a potential disaster.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to protect your property from serious water damage. Water detection devices can be installed so that you are alerted to any sign of leaks. They can be wired into a centrally monitored alarm system that will send you a signal to notify you of an alert of water. Not only do they help to protect your home from water damage, but having them in the home can mean you get a discount on your homeowners insurance!

Here are a few devices to consider:

Leak Detection Systems

Consider new technology that uses strategically placed water sensors that are electronically tied to a shutoff valve on your main water line. When a sensor is activated due to a leaking pipe or an appliance overflow, the shutoff valve will close and prevent additional water flow. This device actively stops your home from suffering a large amount of water damage.

Low Temperature Sensors

It may be Spring and the sun is shining, but don’t forget about the risk of freezing pipes come winter. Frozen pipes can cause a huge amount of water damage since the water inside of a frozen pipe will expand and crack the pipe. When the water defrosts, this causes a water leak. If you have a centrally monitored alarm system, consider having a low temperature sensor installed, which alerts you when the water in the pipes are dropping to low temperatures.

Water Flow Sensors

A broken water line or a frozen pipe could result in water flowing into your home. This can often go unnoticed for a long period of time. A flow sensor can be installed on your home’s main water line, which is programmed to allow continuous water flow based on your water needs during a given time. If the flow of water exceeds this programmed amount of time, a valve will close to stop the water. These sensors can be programmed for varying times, depending on whether you are home or away from home for a long period of time.

Sprinkler Systems

If your home has an indoor sprinkler system as a means of fire protection, a licensed contractor should inspect it at least once a year to ensure it is in good condition. This system should include a water flow alarm, preferably as part of a centrally monitored system.

If you have a second home, it is wise to shut off the water and have all the water pipes drained by a licensed plumber before you leave it vacant for a period of time. Ensure the plumber inspects all the water lines, the water heater, and the appliances that use water, too.

Water detection devices can certainly help prevent water damage in your property. In addition to these devices, though, you should take it upon yourself to protect your home’s exterior and interior. Simple preventative maintenance can go a long way in keeping water damage at bay.

  • Inspect your plumbing lines (or hire a professional to do so) and look for leaks, damage, or corrosion.
  • Test your sump pump annually.
  • Ensure that the water hoses for appliances (e.g. washing machine, dishwasher) have no cracks or hard wear.
  • Check caulking around bathtubs, showers, and sinks.
  • Examine the roof often to ensure it is in good condition and keeping water out.
  • Check basement window wells to ensure they are clear of leaves and other debris.
  • Clean out the gutters and downspouts every season, getting rid of leaves, dirt, and debris.

For the protection your home needs, secure reliable homeowners insurance in Wellesley, MA. Contact CAV Insurance Agency for your quality coverage today.

26 Apr 2018
Steps to Eliminate Uncertainty for Small Businesses

Steps to Eliminate Uncertainty for Small Businesses

How to Reduce Uncertainty in Business

As a small business owner, you know how the uncertain can hit your business at any time. The consequences of these misfortunes can impact your business negatively, from reputation to finances. While you can’t read the future, you can make smart choices to prepare well for it. One sure-fire way to protect your business’s future is to secure business insurance in Wellesley, MA. This coverage can help your business financially after an accident or incident. Read on for more tips on how to eliminate small business uncertainty.

Have a Plan

Do you have a clear and coherent strategy that will get you from where you are now to where you want to be? Do you have a detailed plan that connects your purpose to your goals and your tactics? If not, then you could be leaving your business vulnerable. While you can hope that you make the right choices at the right time and that your business benefits, but it much more reliable to have a detailed plan in place.

Prepare for Multiple Outcomes

It’s wise to stop assuming the most likely outcome will turn up at the conclusion of every situation. A successful company prepared for multiple outcomes, regardless of what’s expected. A great way to prepare is to include all departments and employees in the planning process.

Consistently Review

A forward-thinking company understands the value of analysis. Are you consistently reviewing your business plan to ensure it is current? This is particularly helpful to combat changes in consumer demands. If you want your business to evolve, you should review tactics, strategies, and analytics often.

Secure Insurance

A large part of keeping your business safe is to protect it from unexpected accidents and disasters. While you may not think that your small business has many risks of damage or loss, leaving your company exposed could end up costing you. Once you have coverage, be sure that you review it often as it will need to grow when your business grows.

For reliable business insurance in Wellesley, MA, contact the team at CAV Insurance! We can help you secure your needed coverage so that you can focus on building your business.

19 Apr 2018

What Essentials to Keep in Your Car

Items to Stock Your Car’s Emergency Kit

The emergency situations that drivers encounter on a daily basis are innumerable: wrecks, traffic jams, flooded roadways, icy conditions, a dead battery, and so on. Whether your commute is just a couple of miles or an hour on the Mass Pike, you never know when a disaster is about to strike. Before you head out on your next journey, take the time to prepare a car emergency kit. Although your auto insurance in Wellesley, MA can help you in unexpected situations, an emergency kit on hand will provide reliable resources for accidents and breakdowns.

Reflective Triangle – Ensure you have a reflective triangle (or a few) in your trunk. These can be put behind your car to alert other drivers that you have stopped on the road.

Map/Sat Nav – It’s wise not to always rely on your smartphone for directions. For longer road trips, it’s incredibly important to have a backup map available in case you get lost.

Jumper Cables – In the event that your car gets a flat battery, having a set of jumper cables is essential. Alternatively, you can pack an emergency battery booster so you don’t have to rely on a Good Samaritan coming along.

Flashlight – Keep a flashlight in your car at all times as you never know when you’ll need it. Aim to keep a fresh set of batteries in your vehicle, too. If you can, choose an LED flashlight as it uses battery power more efficiently.

Water – Keep plenty of drinking water in your vehicle. This will come in handy while you’re broken down and waiting for roadside assistance, or when your vehicle overheats. You can pour a little into your radiator to keep the motor running until you arrive at your destination.

First Aid Kit – Bandages, alcohol pads, medical tape, gauze, and basic medicines can address a variety of emergency situations on the road. You never know when you may encounter another motorist who needs medical attention or suffer a minor injury while changing a tire.

Non-Perishable Snacks – Nuts, granola bars, and dried fruit provide a quick snack in case you are forced to spend your afternoon stuck in your car miles from the nearest exit.

Work with a company that’s dedicated to securing the quality auto insurance that you and your vehicle need and deserve. Contact the professionals at CAV Insurance, located in Wellesley, MA.

12 Apr 2018

How to Make Your Home Earth Friendly

Eco-Friendly Tips for the Home 

Today, doing your part to protect the environment is more than simply being a recycling enthusiast. It extends beyond that. While separating plastic, glass, and other recyclable materials is a practice you should always continue to pursue, there are further steps you can take to live ‘green.’ Simple eco-friendly practices can help to conserve resources, save you money, and better the environment.

Be Mindful of Lights

It happens to us all – We’re in the midst of a morning rush and head out of the house quickly. When we get home later that day, we realize we’ve left several lights on. While the amount of electricity that you’ve wasted isn’t huge, it does add up. Make turning off your lights a part of your morning routine and always turn lights off when the sun is streaming through the windows.

Embrace Natural Cleaning Products

Using harmful chemicals to clean is bad for the environment. When you wash them away, you are simply putting them into the water supply. For most day-to-day cleaning tasks, natural products like vinegar, citric acids from citrus fruits, and bicarbonate of soda can be used in place of caustic chemicals.


One of the smartest ways to improve your home’s eco-friendliness is to ensure that you use as little energy as possible. Good insulation helps to hold in the heat in the winter and keep the cool air in during summer. There are plenty of places that can and should be insulated, including within the walls and in the roof.

How are you improving your home’s eco-friendliness? For the protection your green home needs, contact the insurance experts at CAV Insurance, serving Wellesley, MA and beyond. We provide quality home insurance at affordable rates.

05 Apr 2018

Most Expensive Cars Sold at Amelia Island Auctions

Vintage Car Price Tags 

Classic cars, vintage cars, collector cars – we love them all. Amelia Island car weekend in Florida is held in high regard among vintage car connoisseurs. Read on to check out a few of the most expensive cars sold during the 2018 auctions!

1931 Marmon Sixteen


This impressive vehicle reigned in a nice price for such a vintage model. The Sixteen in its name refers to this coupe’s new-for-1931 200-hp aluminum-block 8.0-liter V-16 engine. Sadly, this would be the company’s last model. Although Marmon failed to survive the Great Depression, this vehicle remains a gem.

1952 Ferrari 212 Europa Cabriolet


This vehicle was designed to be a looker, and it continues to command attention to this day. This vehicle was kept in a garage from 1972 to 2011, then it was treated to a six-year restoration and reunited with its original engine. The long-lost show car then appeared at the 2017 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

1966 Ferrari 275 GTB


This rare Ferrari model represents the peak development of such a model. This vehicle was stashed away in the early 1900s and recently unearthed in an episode of The Barn Find Hunter. Although returned to running condition, it’s a largely untouched original.

Do you have a classic or vintage car? Find out how CAV Insurance can help you secure a reliable auto insurance policy to suit your vehicle and financial needs. For coverage in Wellesley and neighboring cities in Massachusetts, contact us today.

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