How to Cover Break-in and Thefts Through Home Insurance

Did you know that half of all home burglaries occur in the daytime? That means you must take property protection seriously, including securing your home and getting the right insurance. Here’s what you should know when filing home insurance theft claims. How Home Insurance Treats Theft and Break-Ins Filing home insurance theft claims is fairly […]

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Oil Spill Clean-up Coverage: What Is It & Why Do You Need It?

In light of the recent oil leak at a home in Massachusetts, insuring your house property against potential oil spills has gained new importance. As not all homes are heated by oil, standard homeowners policies do not cover fuel contamination to groundwater, personal property, or a neighbor’s property. Buying oil damage insurance coverage will pay […]

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Top Tips for Patio Heater Safety

When the weather drops, we don’t always want to shelter inside. Portable, outdoor gas-fired heaters – known as patio heaters – are increasingly popular for use at home and in outdoor seating areas for restaurants. While the heaters offer comfort for many hours, using them does involve some risks. If you make use of a […]

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