Ways to Prepare for a Hurricane
Essential Ways to Prepare for a Hurricane

How to Prepare for Hurricane Season in Massachusetts In Massachusetts, hurricane season runs from June 1 through the end of November. Researchers predict this year to be a slightly above-average season. There could be as many as 14 tropical storms, and several of those are expected to become hurricanes. There’s no way of knowing how […]

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Reasons to Keep College Students on Your Auto Insurance Policy
4 Reasons to Keep College Students on Your Auto Insurance Policy

Auto Insurance in Massachusetts for College Students  Whether your child is off to Babson College, Boston University, or UMass Amherst, going back to college is an exciting time. Although your child may not be taking a car to school, there are several reasons to keep these students on your auto insurance in Massachusetts. Take a […]

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3D Printers and Cars
How 3D Printers Are Restoring Cars

How 3D Printers are Changing the Classic Car Industry: Technology has brought us a long way, and 3D printers continue to soar expectations of high tech. One new way that such machinery is being used is for printing old car parts. One of the hardships that vintage and classic car owners have is that there […]

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Summer Grilling Safety Tips
Grilling Safety Tips: Stay Safe at Home This Summer

Summer Grilling Safety Tips  Now that summer is in full swing, many of us are enjoying being outdoors that much more. While the warm weather creates a great opportunity to light up the grill and barbecue outdoors, doing so comes with unique risks. In the midst of summer fun, it could be easy to overlook […]

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Boat Safety
4th of July Boating Safety Tips

Keep Safe on the Waters This Independence Day Wednesday is the fourth of July and there’s no better time to take the boat out on the water than Independence Day. Summer is in full swing so the weather is beautiful, so now is a good time to take advantage of your day off. However, everyone […]

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Why Do I Need MA Renters Insurance?
Why Do I Need MA Renters Insurance?

Who Needs Renters Insurance?  Whether you rent a student apartment outside of Wellesley College or enjoy the luxury homes in Hastings Village, most renters see insurance as something only needed by homeowners. However, home insurance policies do not typically protect renters and their property. For this reason, renters should consider renters insurance. Fires, theft, and […]

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Summer Home Safety Tips for MA Residents
Summer Home Safety Tips for MA Residents

Home Security Tips for Summer   Summer is just around the corner! With the weather warming up and summer break almost here, it’s time for families and individuals to enjoy the season. As you enjoy the summer months, it’s important to keep home safety in mind as incidents could ruin your summer fun. From locking […]

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Texting While Driving in Massachusetts: Stats and Penalties
Texting While Driving in Massachusetts: Stats and Penalties

MA Driving Laws Since 2010, texting while driving in Massachusetts has been prohibited. However, motorists behind the wheel continue to pick up and use their phones. Even if we think that checking our texts quickly while driving is harmless, the threat of accident and injury is still very real. Whether you’re driving on Route #16 […]

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How to Prepare Your Boat for Spring

Your Boat Spring Cleaning Checklist If you’re like other Massachusettsian boaters, you’re likely to be thinking about when you get your boat back out onto the water this season. Now that spring is finally here, it’s time to start preparing your vessel for the first spring waters. Before heading off on your first voyage of […]

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Tips for Getting Your Classic Back on the Spring Roads
Tips for Getting Your Classic Back on the Spring Roads

Preparing Your Classic Car for Warm-Weather Cruising   One of the best things about spring is that it’s time to get your classic car back on the road. You might also be planning this summer’s classic car shows, juggling work and family commitments, and hoping to spend a weekend cruising Summer roads in your vehicle. […]

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