9 Cyber Security Recommendations for Remote Working Employees

At this pivotal juncture, the COVID-19 era has made all businesses undergo a major shift from on-site work management to virtually setting up an efficient working structure. Working from home is not as simple as it may appear since you may be exposed to various cybersecurity risks. We will share some cyber security tips to […]

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Cybersecurity Insurance: What Is It & Who Needs It?

A cybersecurity insurance policy protects your business against losses from cyber incidents, like denial of service, ransomware extortion payment, system hacking, and data breaches. This coverage is vital for small enterprises that store sensitive information on their computers or online. As the frequency and cost of cyber incidents have increased, insurance companies have come up […]

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How to Evade Cyberattacks and Prevent Data Breaches with Strong Passwords

According to CNBC News, American businesses lose an average of $200,000 every year to cyber criminals. It is worth noting that only 40% survive a cyberattack whereas, 60% fold within six months after an attack. Per the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the common types of cyberattacks include, among others, ransomware, spam and phishing, and password attacks. […]

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